July 31, 2006

the database superstate

Tony loves loves his people, he wants to know them like no ruler before him. He wants to know the thoughts, and what they have to say. He wants to know what they had for lunch. He wants to know their shoe sizes. He wants to know their retinal patterns, their DNA, their fingerprints, footprints, palm prints, wrist prints, every part of your body that has wrinkles on it stored on his central computer for later enjoyment.

It has been argued that perhaps we could use international treaties as a way of stopping the slide towards an authoritarian state. Despite Tony's attempt to use the EU as a democracy bypass for his ID Cards when it looked like they could face actual scrutiny in parliament. Well the EU should be discounted as a good way of attempting to maintain what freedom and privacy we have left. The EU itself now wants force everybody to submit their children to be added to a database of fingerprints, to be taken from children as young as six.


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